What is IncrediPower™?

  • PC based software that works on Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7
  • A tool to organize even the most disorganized. If you are already an organized person, you’ll be amazed how much IncrediPower™ can help take you to new levels of efficiency!
  • Total Information Management


Phone Numbers
Important Dates
Time Management

Document Management
Instructor Information

Study Groups

Class Schedule

Expense Tracking


Financial Aid

Party Reminders
Sync Contact to Phone
Click & Drag Photos From other programs
Paper Documents
Social Networking tools
Birthdays & Other Important dates


Where did IncrediPower™ come from?

  • It has been used in the business and medical world for the past 7 years.
  • Ineva USA, Inc. (Where Innovation Begins…And Never Ends!) has been in business for almost 9 years. Our specialty is Information Technology. The lead software developer has 30 years experience in designing computer programs & software.


Why IncrediPower™?


  • IncrediPower offers you the ability to enter, store and retrieve every type of media including electronic, audio, video, photographs and even paper!
  • Unmatched simplicity and ability to manage information utilizing one program  versus 5-10 other programs, or the daunting task of locating files or information manually, whether on your computer or in filing cabinets
  • The simplest way to comprehend IncrediPower™ is thinking of it  as a massive warehouse for ALL of your information



  • You will find it very intuitive to use. Special attention was paid to every aspect of the design, from minimizing mouse clicks & movement, to the layout of each and every feature.
  • It will make everything from finding information to transferring your information to a new computer an absolute breeze.
  • Our youngest user to date is 8 years old, and she is fanatical about how great IncrediPower™ is.



  • Ability to find data & even paper documents no matter where you are!
  • You can save the data to removable media for safe keeping, and even use it on other computers!
  • IncrediPower™ even makes the netbook (the most portable computer) Incredibly Powerful!



  • You can start with the Basic Limited version for $19.95 per month, and upgrade the software to get more features and benefits as you need them. You’ll never outgrow IncrediPower™!
  • There are versions of IncrediPower™ that are network ready and can be used for much larger scenarios than what an individual would need on their one single computer.
  • Ability to start using it immediately, and have it blend right into your professional life, whether it’s as an employee or business owner!



  • A very unique feature of our software is that you can interactively store information to a portable media such as a SD card, and remove the media when you are finished using the program. This means that if your computer gets damaged, lost, stolen or attacked by a virus, you haven’t lost anything!
  • Only need to look in ONE location for everything.


What advantages will IncrediPower offer me?

  • First and foremost -simplified data entry, one place for everything, which results in lightning fast retrieval of information.
  • It will save not only time, but also frustration on a daily basis. Once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. It is the one program that you will leave open all the time!
  • Knowledge! Let IncrediPower™ do the organizing and storage of your information, and when you need it, you’ll be absolutely amazed at what it’s like having a spare brain at work!


How do I get started using IncrediPower?


  • Simply download a free trial version today. There are 3 different packages to choose from. Something to fit everyone’s needs and budget.
  • If you can’t afford the package that you really feel you need, download what you can afford, because upgrading is a simple matter, and you won’t miss out on using the programs in the meantime.
  • If you’re not sure exactly what you need, click on the Live Chat button and ask one of our representatives to help direct you achieve your goal.
  • The software comes with a 15 day evaluation period to help you get a better understanding of how IncrediPower can make your  life a lot easier.
  • Also watch a few of the videos available on the website, as those will help explain things better than the written word could ever do.  If a picture worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth?



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