Retrieval of Information

  • Obtain contact information and all related data/files in one search.
  •  Access unlimited information, no matter how old it is.
  •  Every piece of data is tied to a person or people.
  • Search people, keywords, files, events and much more.

Ease of Use

  • Tabs & Fields are in "button" and "box" form... tech savvy not required!
  •  Data is automatically saved as you add/enter/modify it.
  • All "modules" (sections) are viewed and accessible from your one main screen... no  getting "lost".
  • Any action can be easily "un-done" or fixed at any time... you can't "break" anything.
  • Collaborate and share with co-workers via networks or available third party remote access.
  • Use the keyboard OR the mouse.


  • Your data is always secure and backed-up, no matter the state of your PC.
  • You don't need an internet connection to use it (not cloud-based).
  • Hundreds of versions have already been used and tested... no bugs or surprises!


  • Live chat assistance to help you with any questions that require immediate attention.
  • Live Remote Support via an internet connection (an IncrediPower support team member can access your program to help you with trouble-shooting and special/custom requirements).
  • Watch video tutorials/ demos covering all modules (sections) to learn how to maximize your efficiency. (Video tutorials may be removed/added/modified frequenty, depending on what customer's needs are).


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