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  • The trial period enables you to use the software for 15 days, risk-free... no strings attached, no credit card required. We are confident that once you see how much easier it is to organize and extract all your data, you will realize that the monthly investment is minimal compared to the wasted time and frustration you will be leaving behind for good.
  • For your convenience, we have created four different levels of IncrediPower so that you can select and try the version that is right for you and your company.
  • Further, if you do decide to continue on after  the trial period has expired, you may cancel or upgrade your plan at any time. There is no long term contract to abide by.


 Module  Ultimate  Advanced  Basic



 Monthly subscription  $49.95  $34.95  $19.95


                                                                Overview of The Plans:

  • If you would simply like to be able to manage contacts and tasks, with all data inter-related and searchable, the BASIC package may be right for you.
  • To further maximize the efficiency of your business with event and scheduling archives, expense entry and tracking, and invoice creation, the ADVANCED package is right for you.
  • For the full IncrediPower experience, including everything in the advanced plan plus time tracking, photo management, and associated links (IncrediLinks)... choose the ULTIMATE plan.



IncrediPower Specialty Packages


Special Introductory Offer: Only $9.95/month



  • Names

  • Addresses

  • Phone numbers

  • Email addresses

  • Websites


IncrediContacts offers a very unique way to manage all of the above with relevant and important information related to each, such as

  • Birthdays

  • Anniversaries

  • Important dates

  • Favorites

  • Hobbies

  • Interests


IncrediContacts is the nucleus of the program which makes IncrediPower so unique. Everything is related to someone. If it's not related to someone else, it's related to you or your business. So rather than keeping information in numerous different systems, you begin keeping it all together, and everything becomes relational. You enter it once, and you can count on your information being correct. IncrediContacts starts epitomizing “A Place for Everything, and Everything in it's Place”. And finally with IncrediContacts groups your contacts so you can simply and quickly do

  • email listings

  • massive mailings

  • create calling lists

  • print envelopes

  • print labels

  • print postcards

  • create reports of various groups


IncrediContacts will become your memory bank, and memory enhancer when it comes to “Oh I wish I could remember...” Not only does it give you a place to keep all of the critical information about people, but the search engines which are included will help you find just about anything and everything about anybody and everybody.

The IncrediContacts system includes the core of the program which is the contact information, as well as the Groups and the Related Modules which have numerous fields to simplify the collection and FINDING of information.

If IncrediContacts had to have a different name, you might call it your Digital Brain where ALL of that priceless information resides and can be found usually in less than a minute!

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