The Nuts & Bolts

"The Office Manager that Can't Quit!"

IncrediPower is there for you 24/7/365. No vacations, no benefits, no excuses!

                                  CREATE, STORE, OR FIND ANY OF THESE IN SECONDS...





-To Do Lists



-Phone Numbers








-Electronic Documents

-Time Clock

-Birthday & Anniversaries




-Even Paper Documents


                                                   SO, HOW DOES THIS ALL WORK?

Everything is controlled by the central menu bar with simple data entry.

Once you begin entering information into the system, it is forever linked to all other information in the system. Just type in a couple of words that you remember from a project or correspondence and IncrediPower will show you all relevant documents and entries across multiple formats!

Integrate all these…

Associations & Contacts

You start by entering individual contact information, and then customize how you associate with each contact (contacts can be imported in multiple ways- Outlook, csv, gmail, etc.). This forms the baseline for the rest of your data management. It also helps make the rest of your inputs easier to cross-reference.


The "Current" tab allows you to mark down current tasks and communications with an individual contact. The data remains "current" until you mark it "completed". You can add any commentary surrounding a specific task in the "Comments" section inside this module.



All "Current" tasks and communication go to the "Archives" when completed. You can also create archives directly. The "Updates" field allows you to follow up with new data entries that apply to the task, whether Current or Archived.


"Related" entries establish family, and other customizable relationships that may be important when addressing a particular contact.


The "Time" log allows you to enter data chronologically for targeted results. Whether you're keeping a record of billing, or tracking productivity and accountability, "Time" entries save time and help you manage your business better.


Drag and drop images and create single or multiple image directories in the "Photo" section. Sometimes words just aren't enough. This section offers flexibility with images that no other data managers offer. 



The "Expenses" tab allows you to keep track of you expenses.


The "Invoicing" tab allows you to enter, log, and print out invoices... and keep them in a dated archive.


Input web links, Word Documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF's, and more...relating them to a single or multiple contacts. Give your site bookmarks more power by relating them to their purpose... and have a back-up if your hardware crashes.

Reports & More

Run numerous data-sorted, customized reports and control default field entry selections.


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